Maskal Teff Grain

Our Teff is an amazingly delicious non-GMO grain with high quality complex carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and fiber! Teff grain can be eaten as cereal or used to add texture and flavor to soups, salads, or baked goods. Brown teff is rich in flavor with a subtle nutty aftertaste. Ivory teff is milder in taste, but equally nutritious.

Maskal Teff Flour

Ground fresh daily, our high quality Teff flour has the same nutritional value as the grain. Teff flour is delicious in pancakes, pastries, or as a thickener in soups and gravy.

Buying Teff

For those in the continental US, you can buy Maskal Teff right here online, or ask your favorite grocery or health food store to stock it. Simply have them call us at 1-888-822-2221 or 1-208-461-5634. If you are outside the US, or you are interested in ordering a large quantity by freight delivery, please use our contact page to ask us about shipping options to your location.

Sample Pack (Brown and Ivory Grain and Flour)

Price: $25.00
Weight: 4 lb

Teff Love - Adventures In Vegan Ethiopian Cooking by Kittee Berns

Price: $19.95
Weight: 0.93 lb

5 x 1lb Bags

Price: $25.00
Weight: 5 lb

25lb Bag

Price: $65.00
Weight: 25 lb

5lb Green Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Price: $40.00
Weight: 5 lb

Green coffee needs to be roasted prior to grinding to brew coffee.


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